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Our team of trained and certified electricians deliver a professional service.  Hire an electrician that understands the importance of delivering a quality service and adheres to a contractor’s schedule.


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CES: Who We Are

As a contractor you just want to make sure that you are choosing the right electrician who will come in at a fair cost, do a fantastic job, be safe and follow regulations, and last but not least deliver a fast and professional service.

Every single job follows a tight schedule.  CES thrives on delivering timely services that go beyond your expectations.  We know that great work is the fastest way to build long-lasting relationships in this community, and we pride ourselves on the relationships that we have built over the 20+ years that we have been licensed.

Why We Are Different



The only way to keep our integrity is with honesty.



We respect our customers’ time. You want to work with us, not wait for us.


Safety & Reputation

We maintain a clean, safe, respectable, and reputable place of business that reflects the high standards of the CES brand.



Our commitment to excellence ensures we provide you with a useful installation and repair service.

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Let’s walk the job together!  Let us understand what your expectations are, so that we can knock them out of the park. 

Please include as much information as possible! Share with us your contact information and any particulars about the job that come to mind.

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Highly Qualified Team

Brandon Madore Bio Pic Consolidated Electrical Services

Brandon Madore


With over two decades of Customer Service Consulting experience, and his experience in running a family owned construction company, Brandon’s core values, ethical beliefs, and unsurpassed compassion for his client’s makes him a critical asset to CES. Brandon’s’ understanding of Construction Management, focus on Customer Service, and passion for providing our clients with an unmatched level of quality and customer service will continue to allow CES to grow and succeed.
Brian Peircey Headshot Corporate Electrical Services

Brian Peircey


With a background of working in Large Global Corporations, Brian has been able to acquire a vast portfolio of experience and skills in many different areas. His experience in Project Management, Operations, and Logistics, along with his passion for providing an unparalleled level of Quality and Customer Service has been a key component in helping CES build a strong platform for sustainable growth.
Brian Pessin Consolidated Electrical Services

Brian Pessin


With a background in business management and sales, Brian leads our Business Development & Sales Departments. Brian’s vast experience in client relations, customer focus and establishing lasting relationships is crucial to the success of CES. In addition, Brian’s motivation for excellence and a superior level of quality when it comes to a finished product, and his compassion for his colleagues creates a positive work culture and sustainable growth for CES.

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